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Fat Ass On Your Face

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My neighbor is a fat girl. Often a preview of this girl, when resting in a pool on his property. Before entering the water, doing some exercises on the buttocks, or something like that. However, shakes them very nicely. Ass pulls back and claps after her. An interesting view. In a bar pulls strings, and again tightens. You can see the groove and then her pussy. He starts doing squats. I like to look at her exercise. It is often masturbates while. But that day, masturbation is not enough. I had something to do with his excitement. At the sight of this chunky girl was getting paranoid. So I ran to my room, ran to the fat girl with all his strength struck her with an open hand in the ass. The woman jumped up and my hand was reflected on her fat butt. It pleased her except this sudden intrusion, because she asked if I feel like fucking sharp. See how it sink fat ass on my face. Sure like to view fat girls, sitting on the faces of the guys? We hope that you enjoy because this movie is really sharp:) Fat


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